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Gordon Ramsay's Sunday lunch: Gordon Ramsay is so well known to everyone as the exceptionally talented chef though he has a few words that are used with effect. His new book Gordon Ramsay’s Sunday Lunch (and other recipes from the f word), provides recipes that should get us all cooking with a vengance.

In the book Gordon would like to bring to our attention the number of families that do not sit together to eat and enjoy each other's company. His hope is that the recipes are used and enjoyed with family and friends, the way food should be eaten and bringing an enjoyment to life - sadly lacking in the modern day fast paced life.

The contents of his book include:

  • Mediterranean
  • Flavours
  • Spring Greens
  • Winter Casserole
  • 5 ways with Cabbage
  • Chicken Chic
  • Easy Entertaining
  • Taste Sensation
  • Classic Sunday Brunch
  • 5 ways with Potatoes
  • Keep it simple
  • Easy Barbeque
  • Seafood Special
  • Roast Lamb
  • Malaysian Curry
  • 5 ways with Onions
  • Salmon in a Parcel
  • Surf n’Turf
  • Essence of Italy
  • Wild Food
  • Fast Food
  • Quick & Easy
  • 5 ways with Greens
  • Retru Dining
  • Sole Food
  • 5 ways with Carrots
  • Spring Chicken
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Pig Roast
  • Paella for a Crowd
  • Summer Entertaining

The recipe list includes:-
  • Starters
  • Main Courses - Fish, Poulty & Game, Meat, Accompaniments
  • Deserts
So what of the recipes?

The recipes are easy to follow, preparation is clear and timings are provided. The variety from traditional beef casserole to the unusual venison with red wine and chocolate sauce and then to the sublime - white chocolate panacotta with champagne granita. All presented in bright and colourful pages. Should make our life as a cook easier and make cooking enjoyable again. More of Gordon’s Books: Gordon Ramsay

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