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  • VillaCal - use the VillaCal booking availability calendar to hold information about your villa or property availability. It is a property booking calendar which can be used to display availability for vacation bookings and rentals for your property. The bookings are entered onto a database and can be changed and amended through a management menu. Any duplicate bookings are flagged, and you can decide to have those reservations hidden from the public where they have been created by your property management company, site visitors will still see those booking dates as still being vacant and bookable. This means that hopefully you will get more money for your own bookings, rather than rely on income from your management company.

  • Property for sale in Orlando Florida - View properties for sale in the central resort area of Florida. These properties include apartments, villas, condos and town houses within a short drive from Disney World in Orlando. This is the standard requirement of an investment property used as a holiday villa. When a property is further away, people tend to look for a closer location to Disney.

  • Property for sale in Cyprus - Another site where you will find property for sale in Cyprus. This important site has property for sale in a number of towns in Cyprus. Visit it and find a very good range of property.

  • Fitness Through Exercise - Fitness Through Exercise successfully promotes fitness through exercise and diet. It emphasises the importance of the individual taking responsibility for their own health. This information can help you to get fit before your vacation, and can help you to maintain fitness afterwards. You will enjoy travelling much better if you maintain good health. It will also ensure travel insurance is cheaper.

  • Florida property for sale - Check out this web site if you want to buy property for sale in Florida. The definitive reliable location for finding property for sale in Orlando. You will find many property developments on either side of the I4, and can select the type of property from a wide range. There are prices to suit all budgets.

  • Villas to rent in Florida - Rather than advertise property for sale, this site advertises vacation rental villas in Orlando Florida. When you buy a property in Florida you will normally want to rent it out. This site can help to advertise your property to people who wish to rent it for a holiday. It includes a source of information on all aspects of finding fun and friends in Florida.

  • Property to let in Northern Ireland and Belfast - For those who have invested closer to home, advertise property to let in Northern Ireland. Not everyone wants to buy property overseas. On this site you can advertise property to let in Northern Ireland, for free. Seems like a good deal.

  • Online shopping directory - A UK oriented site. Online shopping directory and search engine for shops and department stores in the UK.

  • Villa to let in Orlando Florida - This site provides information on a villa to let in Orlando Florida.

  • Property for sale and to let - Property for sale and to let in a range of countries. This is the site which started the process.

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