Tips for Hiring an Event Catering Service

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Event catering service: for anyone who may be planning a big social event like a wedding or company picnic, did you know you could save yourself an amazing amount of time and pressure by hiring an event catering service. The majority of event catering services have years of practice and know-how in preparing, arranging and executing both corporate and private events. They could give you ideas and alternatives that you'll not even realize exist.

If you don’t have any experience of working with an event catering service, the following few tips will enable you to be aware of the process so you will know what to expect.

The price tag on hiring an event catering service can vary in price between £10 and £100 per person. This is often a typical cost tending to vary based on the number of guests, venue, and kinds of food and beverages served.

Usually, event catering services will offer you various menus to choose from. But the majority works with you to produce a custom menu or themed event. You'll find lots of differing types of event catering services, as there are varieties of foods. If you would like Kosher or vegetarian food for your event, chances are excellent you'll find an event catering service that makes a specialty of that area.

Whilst it's a fact that event catering services tend to do most of the work, you'll nevertheless be required to do your bit in arranging and planning the event. You'll have to work out how many guests and select the menu that’s suitable for the event. Odds are you'll need to meet with the event catering service manager at least four times before the event.

It’s vital to understand that almost all event catering services need a lead time of three to six months. This is especially true if the event is going to be hosted in the summer months or around holiday time like Christmas or New Years.

Prior to you hiring any event catering service, check around ask for at least three quotes. Be aware that the most costly event catering service isn't necessarily the best. Small event catering companies will more often than not offer you better pricing and better quality food. Furthermore, the smaller event catering services tend to be more accommodating and will work much harder to give you all you have need of.

Most event catering services will assist you with supplementary aspects of the event. The majority is well connected with other specialists who provide complimentary services like karaoke directors, disc jockeys, cake decorators, floral designers, etc. Should you be requiring supplementary services, make sure to request the event catering service for referrals.

It's vital to inquire about the credentials of any event catering service. At least they have to posses a certification in food management and safety procedures. Normally, the Board of Health certifies event catering services and gives them a certificate, which has to be displayed in the caterer's place of business.

You will also need to ensure the event catering service has adequate insurance that covers the event for food poisoning. Should anything fail, you should ensure your guests are well protected.

Before employing an event catering service, it's recommended to go to their business premises in person. Tour their facility and ask for food samples. The majority of event catering services will more than likely be happy to prepare a food sampling tray for up to ten people.

Last, but not least, you'll have to be ready to offer a deposit whenever you reserve your event with the event catering service. Normally, a 50% deposit is payable within ten days from the day you confirm your booking. Final payment will likely be payable two weeks before the event.

In the event you are forced to cancel your event, you will be required to do so at least thirty days before the event or you are liable to forfeit your whole deposit. At all times make sure to check with the event catering services company regarding the cancellation policy and make sure you are aware of the small print prior to signing on the dotted line.

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