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Chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect conclusion to an enchanting and romantic meal. Should you be at this moment, starting to prepare for the perfect romantic dinner, think about creating a beautiful selection of mouth-watering chocolate covered strawberries to complement a glass of champagne for dessert, or to serve as a delectable bedside snack late in the night.

Preparing for a perfect enchanting and romantic dinner from beginning to end generally is a challenge, however with a little forward planning plus a selection of succulent chocolate covered strawberries, it is surely going to be a meal to remember.

An excellent dinner for two needs to be light enough so as not to cause exhaustion, although still splendid and pleasant. An uncomplicated, but beautiful salad, a light main course, and the wonderful chocolate covered strawberries make an ideal romantic dinner menu for two. Serve up wine with the meal, as well as champagne or sparkling cider together with your chocolate covered strawberries.

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Chocolate covered strawberries are often purchased at lots of top quality chocolate and candy stores, either in your own area or on the internet. For anyone who is up for a cooking project, a lot of us take great pleasure in making our very own chocolate covered strawberries. Either way, chocolate covered strawberries make an exquisite late night snack for two with drinks, whether or not you like hot cocoa or champagne, or an exquisite dessert presentation.

The very next time that you're preparing an extraordinary romantic night with the one you adore, think about either purchasing or creating your very own selection of chocolate covered strawberries for a fantastic finale to your night. Chocolate covered strawberries are an opulent and sensual eating encounter, and in many cases make an exceptional gift for a romantic date, anniversary or Valentine's Day.

Making your own sublime chocolate covered strawberries.
If you are determined to create your own delightful chocolate covered strawberries here’s a straightforward method for you to follow:
Initially you should choose only high quality succulent berries. Once you’ve gotten enough make sure they're properly washed, and absolutely dry prior to the process of dipping them in a sauce. Chocolate dipping sauces differ from recipe to recipe, but all will taste much better by using top quality chocolate. Whatever your preference in chocolate is, you can choose either milk or dark chocolate to make your delightful chocolate covered strawberries. The chocolate can be tempered by the addition of cream, half and half, additional fat, or paraffin.

Once the strawberries have been dipped, let the chocolate set by laying them on a sheet of wax paper, or by piercing the stem end with something like a toothpick or cocktail stick and inserting the other ends of the toothpicks into Styrofoam. When the chocolate has solidified, the berries may then be embellished with double dipping, piping, or perhaps with other white chocolate designs.

Regardless of whether you purchase your chocolate covered strawberries or take on the challenge of creating them yourself, they are surely an ideal accent and climax to any enchanting meal. The contrasts of tastes and textures in a chocolate covered strawberry make them a sensual and pleasant treat.

Chocolate covered strawberries

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