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Catering supplies: hard to believe but, there are actually in excess of a thousand varieties of catering supplies and equipment. Varying in size from very small devices and gizmos to huge catering carts, catering supplies are widely-used for many different reasons. However, the principle purpose of catering supplies is essentially to make the caterer's job less difficult and much more efficient.

Odds are good that you'll never need a huge quantity of catering supplies. However, for anyone who is preparing to arrange a catered event it would be best to familiarize yourself with some of the most universal supplies used.

Chafers: used to keep food warm or cold. Catering chafers incorporates two pans, a lid plus a stand. Generally, they are made of hard wearing stainless steel. To work with a chafer, you will need to partially fill the bottom pan with water place the second pan on top of it. This produces steam, which keeps the foodstuffs warm. Sterno fuel is the source of the heat and is placed below the pan. Chafers may also be filled up with ice to keep foodstuffs cold. Needless to say in this instance, Sterno fuel is not necessary.

Steam Tables: used to serve up food buffet style. These are much like chafers, but have sections that will let you serve up a variety of foodstuffs at the same time. Steam tables are available in many different sizes and can help you serve three to nine varieties of foods. Although it's also possible to utilize a steam table to serve up cold foods you can't serve both hot and cold foods. The steam table is set-up to maintain all of the chafers the exact same temperature.

Coffee Urn: a sizable coffee pot able to hold between thirty and a hundred cups of coffee. A coffee urn can be used to provide hot tea also. Generally, coffee urns are made from stainless steel, while a few are gold or gold-plated. It has a handle that is positioned on the front of the coffee urn, that's pushed to discharge the coffee or tea.

Beverage Dispensers: used to provide large quantities of cold drinks like iced tea, fruit punch and lemonade. Beverage dispensers are made from either stainless steel or hardwearing plastic and can keep beverages hot or cold for as much as four hours.

Dinnerware: consists of all that you need to serve up food in a catered event. This includes dinner, salad, and dessert plates, in addition to coffee and tea cups and saucers. Generally, catering dinnerware is made from china or melamine (non-breakable plastic). It's also possible to find throwaway catering dinnerware; though, it is frequently much more costly than renting reusable dinnerware.

Flatware: consists of utensils necessary to eat catered food. This consists of dinner and salad forks, steak and butter knives, soup and beverage spoons, etc. The majority of catering flatware is made from stainless steel or is silver-plated. Some catering flatware is made of gold or gold-plated, though this sort of flatware will likely be hard to locate and costly to rent.

Drink ware: consists of various types of drinks glasses required to consume liquid beverages including: wine, cocktail, and champagne glasses, beverage glasses and goblets. Catering drink ware is available in glass, hard wearing plastic or delicate crystal. So this is just a sample of catering supplies you may need to prepare and run a catered event.

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