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Catering jobs: Are you one that has enthusiasm for food? Would you take pleasure in working with people in general? Might you have a talent and aptitude for food presentation? If that's the case, then catering may very well be an ideal vocation available to you!

The catering service business is without doubt one of the fastest growing employment sector in the world. Although you'll find lots of various sorts of catering jobs to be had, and the majority require some type of culinary training or experience. This informative article focuses on essentially the most popular sorts of catering jobs and the skills, talents and abilities required to obtain them.

Catering Mangers: accountable for all areas of catered events. The catering manager is responsible for hiring, training, and timetabling staff members. A large slice of the job is to liaise with customers to coordinate catering details of events. Catering managers are also concerned with both the set-up and tear-down of events; menu and estimating development; customer support|; pricing and billing. Generally, a high school degree, diploma or equivalent is essential, together with a period of no less than two years catering experience, knowledge, know-how and supervision duties.

Catering Sales Managers: in charge of building customer relations in order to get new and repeat business. Their duties include working directly with valued clientele aided by the advertising and marketing department in the catering business. The majority of catering sales manager positions require a degree in business, concentrating on sales and marketing. Generally, two to four years experience, knowledge, and understanding of the hospitality industry is required.

Banquet Managers: supervise, administer, and direct all areas of banquet set-up and maintenance. A majority of these catering jobs are more often than not found at hotels, cruise lines and resorts. Generally, a high school degree, diploma or equivalent is necessary, together with a minimum of at least two years experience, knowledge and know-how in a managerial position, and five years experience in the food service business.

Group Sales Managers: duties include working with huge organizations like the Fortune 500 companies, airlines, cruise lines, etc. This catering job demands an individual should be skilled at multi-tasking and the capability of working well under stress and strain. Generally, group sales managers are required to possess a four year degree in commerce, and have a minimum of at least five years experience, knowledge, and understanding of the hospitality sector.

Private Event Directors: duties include responsibility for preparing, selling, and coordinating all aspects of exclusive catering events and meeting functions. Menu planning and dealing directly with customers and staff members is also their responsibility. This catering job requires an individual to be capable of multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, and be skilled in communication and public relations. To be able to land this catering job, you’ll be required to have a two-year Bachelor's degree and a minimum of at least two years experience, knowledge, and understanding of the food service or hospitality sector.

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