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Welcome to cookbook review a useful cooking resource. We hope to add new content on a regular basis in association with our New Cook Book Review Blog which is updated frequently and many of the links below will take you to blog articles.


Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals a fine new series of 35 episodes on channel 4.

Well the wait is over, Jamie's 15-minute meals TV series is here consisting of 35 episodes and is accompanied by the fine new cookbook Jamie Oliver's new 15-Minute Meals with all new 15 minute recipes.

What is in Jamie's new book? Typical recipes will include beef, pork, lamb, fish, chicken and there will be vegetarian options. Styles will include Jerk, Cajun, Thai, Asian, Indian and BBQ ingredients and influences.

Watch missed episodes and see recipe links and clips for episodes 1 35.


You will need only the minimal cookware and be able to produce the results required. “You don’t have to be able to cook like a ninja to create these dishes,” Jamie promises, “but these meals have flavour combinations that will put big smiles on the faces of your family and mates.”

Prepare beforehand with a pantry list: Jamie Olivers 15 Minute meals pantry list.

Series 1  Episode 1:  Chilli Con Carne Meatballs and Sticky Kicking Chicken on Monday 22 Oct 2012

Jamie’s 15 minute meals: episode 20: Falafel wraps and spiced chicken lentils Fri 16 Nov 2012

Jamie’s 15 minute meals episode 19: Asian tuna and coconut rice Thursday 15 Nov 2012

Jamie’s 15 minute meals: Episode 18: Sizzling chops and asparagus lasagnetti Wed 14 Nov 2012

Jamie’s 15 minute meals: Episode 17: Greek chicken and smoked salmon

Jamie’s 15 minute meals episode 16 Monday 22 Oct 2012 squid balls and prawns


Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course - 100 recipes to save your life

An excellent series and an exceptional book, see episode information and cookbook offers here.

To read about the new cook book see book details - Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 100 recipes to stake your life on and to compare book costs and see where to buy Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course in the UK.

For Canadian orders - Gordon Ramsay and USA to buy Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate cookery course.

Michella Chiappa - Simply Italian, a very popular series!!

Michella Chiappa with Simply Italian, an exciting new series on BBC2 repeating frequently - check listings.


Nigel Slater - Dish of the Day

Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day, shows a return to top form. Nigel Slater’s new cookery series, where he performs a weekly shop and then cooks a recipe – one for every day of the week. How to use basic ingredients to conjure up magnificent food. Get down to the cabbage patch.

The new cookbook by Nigel Slater is The Kitchen Diaries II, click to read reviews and book information. To see the best offers for Nigel's new cookbook, Kitchen Diaries II offers for new books and for used copies - pre owned copies of Kitchen Diaries II.

Nigel Slater's Dish of the Day....excellent series, read more at the TV guide.


The Hairy Bikers

Did you see the Hairy Bikers on BBC2 - now the Hairy Dieters...soon to be the Hairy Cyclists....? See ... The Hairy Dieters – How To Love Food And Lose Weight The Hairy Dieters (Bikers) TV show BBC2 and new cookbook, see blog for more..

What is in the cookbook? What is in the Book? Hairy Dieters How to lose weight recipes


Nigella Lawson, Nigelissima

Nigellissima Instant Italian Inspiration recipes by Nigella Lawson.


Also, Rick Stein’s India The Search For The Perfect Curry.

We have a secure link to Amazon - see the latest and best selling new cook books - review them and see recipes and other shoppers' comments.

Best selling cookbooks - new cook books and offers

Exploring China – A Culinary Adventure cook book and tv series Ken Hom and Ching He Huang : Exploring China – A Culinary Adventure


At our New Cook Book Review - a foodblog with Recipes you'll find recipes and great resources, articles, links and more about cooking, cook books, chefs, restaurants and wine. It also has many articles relating to the latest TV cooking programs and the recipes available.

New Cook Book Reviews and Recipes

Cook Book Recipes and Review is the home of cook book reviews, TV cooking programs and recipe ideas. We have looked at a wide range of cook books available by the best of chefs and their TV programs and give you information about the recipes to allow you to decide on which ones you like.

The big names are all here but we have many links to other sources of recipes and kitchen items. So we have Jamie Oliver Nigella Lawson, Michel Roux and all the well known chefs are here. Lets face it we love to see their latest cookbooks and programs. It may be hard to keep up, so we try to keep it exciting with the latest offerings.

For some people Thanksgiving, Christmas or Holiday periods are the only time they cook. A cook book that gives information on basic techniques is a key component of any good cook’s library. This is probably one that is better to own in paper format rather than read online as you will need to constantly refer to it on occasions.

A majority of cookbooks reviewed include recipes. Some contain home cooking recipes for everyday living. Others contain recipes for seasons such as summer or winter cooking. These are useful if you want to cook using seasonal vegetables and products.

Cook books are often based around themes such as recipes for a particular type of food such as vegetarian food, beef, fruit, deserts, party food or other events and occasions. These cook books are more specialized and will be a secondary consideration for your library. Ensure you first of all buy a book that explains basic cooking techniques, and a book that contains core recipes that you will use on many occasions.

With these ideas in mind, enjoy browsing thru Cook Book Recipes and Review and using our resources. When you have exhausted our section on cook books, explore our extensive recipe list. We have recipes for all occasions, and you will find all kinds of recipes to meet your needs.

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We are focused on the UK and Ireland to some extent, however we will include references to all countries and our main followers in the US, Canada, Australia and India - their chefs and cookbooks, restaurants and products.

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